CLAIRETTE DE DIE TRADITION Muscat, Clairette Blanche  CAROD CAROD Carod Cuvée Prestige AOP

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CAROD - Carod Cuvée Prestige AOP - 75 cl

CLAIRETTE DE DIE TRADITION - Muscat, Clairette Blanche

  • Vinification : Unfinished fermentation: initial fermentation begins very slowly so as not to lose the precious sugar in the grapes. This lasts for at least one or two months. Before the grape must is fully transformed into wine, it is bottled and stored for another four months, sometimes longer. Bottles are carefully watched over by the producers in cellars kept at a temperature of around 12°C. Fermentation can then continue to do its good work. The process stops naturally when the wine reaches a level of alcohol around 7° and is ready for marketing
  • Color : Pale yellow
  • Nose : Clairette de Die is a naturally sparkling white wine with a distinctive fruity taste and flowery aromas.
  • Mouth : When tasting, the drinker has the impression of biting into beautifully ripe fruit, an apricot or peach, and of smelling the scents of white flowers like white rose, dog rose or honeysuckle.
  • Recommendations : As an aperitif with duck's liver canopés, with dessert to accompany a fruit salad or apple, pear or strawberry charlotte.
  • Conservation : To preserve the full fruity character, Clairette de Die should be drunk within 2 years.
  • Alcohol :

Caves Carod de la Ville de Colmar reserves the right vintage to availability of stocks. Information on request.

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