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Joseph Helfrich owner Caves Carod  and passionate Drome wine region, offers you with the entire team to discover our other properties..

Maison Arthur Metz

a success story

Join the Wine Route at Maison Arthur Metz, which is perfectly located at the northern end of the Route.

Arthur Metz, winemaker since 1904, is one of the major players in the Alsace vineyard. Discover the typicity of Alsace grape varieties, and delight in these prestigious Grand Cru wines.

You will also be seduced by our Alsace  wines


Le Domaine de la Baume: the jewel in the crown of Languedoc-Roussillon

Le Domaine de la Baume, located in Pézénas, close to Béziers, in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon, finds its origins in the building of a house by the family Prat in 1882 (of the vermouth Noilly Prat fame). A “J” and a “P” in wrought iron for “Jean Prat” are still at the house’s entrance and on the impressive gates of the courtyard which open onto a stunning building. Le Domaine de la Baume extends over 180 ha, including 146 ha of vines, and symbolises all the charm of the Languedoc.

Terroir: The soils, made of clay, sand and silt, on plateaux or hills, have given rise to a large range of wines. Wines of pleasure, the wines of the Domaine have an extensive aromatic palate and are excellent with food.

“Our job is to show the quality potential of grapes harvested at peak maturity” 
Solange Dremiere, Winemaker


Château Lestage-Simon « The quintessence of a great Médoc »

Haut-Medoc Cru Bourgeois

Château Lestage-Simon, located in Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, next to the great appellation Saint-Estèphe, makes the best of its complex and diverse terroir. The 40 ha property extends over deep gravelly plots along the river, and on a limestone plateau further inland.

The terroir is atypical for the region which has given it the nickname “the little Pomerol in Médoc”. Château Lestage-Simon is a supple, well-structured wine, with tannins supporting a well-balanced, round and elegant wine.


Château de Faizeau

Montagne Saint-Emilion AOP, Red

“Faizeau” is a diminutive of the word “Faize”, in reference to the Benedictine abbey of Faize, situated next to the property. This abbey possessed other vineyards in Pauillac and Saint Emilion. Built on the slopes of Calon hill, the highest point in the region of Libourne, the Château is one of the oldest estate of Bordeaux. It figured on the map drawn up by the engineer Belleyme in the XVIIIth century. The vineyards of Château Faizeau are of the highest quality and boast a magnificent terroir and privileged location on a plateau orientated east and west, bathed in sunshine all day long. The 12 hectares extend in a single stretch over soil of stony “graves” and clay. Merlot is the number one grape and the vine is skilfully pampered with simple guyot training, kept short to avoid overlapping. Leaves are stripped with the utmost precision to guarantee high quality fruit. The skilled work carried out in the vineyard results in beautifully ripe Merlot grapes every time, hand harvested using trays to protect the grapes. After meticulous sorting, vinification proceeds in heat-regulated vats. To protect the full aroma of Merlot and keep the best of the fruit, our oenologist and his team work carefully to control oxygen as effectively as possible. “Remontage” starts at the beginning of fermentation and is conducted in a closed-circuit to avoid oxygenation and preserve the quality of grapes. The wine is then matured for between 18 and 24 months in new French oak casks that line the property’s wine cellars.

Château Haut Mouleyre

Bordeaux AOP, Red

Château Haut-Mouleyre is located in the village of Escoussans, near Cadillac, on the right bank of the Garonne. The vineyard is spread over the south and southwest-facing hillsides overlooking the Garonne, making the most of the sunshine and the good soil drainage. The various plots benefit from the variety of soil conditions on these hillsides, giving the wine plenty of personality. Cadillac is an ancient walled town in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region, populated since the 10th century by the monks who cleared the hillsides and planted the vineyards.

The region is rich in history and heritage, including the famous La Sauve Majeure abbey, built in the 12th century. Various elements give the Château Haut-Mouleyre the potential for very high quality: the exposure and average age of the vineyards, the grape varieties, the soil and the diversity of the plots. The cellar where the wine is made and aged is also worthy of the estate’s ambitions. Considerable work is done in the vineyards to ensure the best grapes and the optimum degree of.


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