La Clairette de Die

This natural wine produced in the Drôme valley has the proud claim of being the oldest in the world. Few wines indeed can boast of being mentioned by Pliny the Elder himself, who wrote about this wine in his natural history work of 77 AD. Commonly called “Tradition”, this wine is fermented applying the “Ancestral Dioise Method”, and is particularly renowned for the characteristically aromatic flavour that the Muscat grape lends to its blend. While known as an excellent dessert wine, it also serves well as an aperitif.

Le Crémant de Die

Recently promoted to the lofty ranks of A.O.C. wines, le Crémant de Die is destined for a great future worthy of the land that produced it. Dry and lightly sparkling, it is a blend of the Aligoté, Clairette and Muscat grapes. It can be served as an aperitif, but also goes nicely with a meal.


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